Crofty MAT visit to Salamanca

Over the May half term, 17 members of staff from the Crofty MAT visited the beautiful city of Salamanca in the area of Castile and Leon in North West Spain.

The group, which consisted of teachers and support staff from a range of schools in the multi academy trust, had the fantastic CPD opportunity to soak up the local culture, develop their confidence in speaking the language and visit a range of local schools in order to develop their understanding and confidence when teaching a modern foreign language. The amazing trip was organised with the successful Erasmus+ funding application.

While visiting the range of fantastic schools, the members of staff had the great opportunity to observe teaching in Spanish and in English. Many visitors were amazed at the level of academic English that was being taught as Spanish schools often teach English discreetly and through science, art and PE lessons. Maria from Portreath School commented, “I saw a science lesson about planets that was taught in English and I was very impressed with the level of vocabulary that the children were able to use.”

As well as observing a range of lessons, the teachers were also given the chance to teach two different activities ranging from stories and Cornish songs to nursery rhymes and sports and games. The Spanish teachers were very complimentary of each activity, commented that they had learned a lot, and saw many different teaching techniques. As well as sharing good practise with the Spanish members of staff, it was also a good opportunity to try out strategies for teaching a second language as well as engaging in Spanish conversation with the students and staff. Emma, from Treloweth school, stated, “This was a fantastic opportunity to gain confidence in speaking Spanish as well as learning some new techniques when teaching a foreign language which I’m excited to try out.”

All members of staff who attended the Spanish visit, are all very keen to try out and share their new Spanish vocabulary as well as some of the strategies observed within the schools with their students and other colleagues within the trust. Each school is also looking forward to welcoming teachers and leaders from Spain in March 2019.