Welcome to the parents' and carers' section of our website - it's great to see you here! 

This area of the website includes useful information to support your child's learning at home, as well as information on school uniform, school lunches, clubs and attendance.  

If you need further help, please do not hesitate to contact us via your child's class teacher or through Mrs Croucher in the main office on 01209 216192. 

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Message from our School Nursing Team friends:

‘Just a reminder to everyone that the School Nursing Service is very much around at this time for any children struggling with the impact of  COVID19. 

We can help with a variety of health issues such as weight, nutrition, behaviour, emotional healthsleep management, constipation, daytime and  nighttime continence, to name just a few. 

Any health worries can be addressed with us!’

If you are in Cornwall, you can self refer as a parent via the Early Help Hub on the Cornwall Council website:



Treloweth’s Useful Websites for Parents


Bug Club:

Oxford Owl:

Year 6 - Read Theory:

Once upon a picture:

Mr Thorne does Phonics:

Phonic games:

Phonics Play:

BBC Bitesize – Phonics:

Drama: - this is great for different drama techniques which can be used in English

Sentence Play:

Letters and Sounds:

Spelling Play:



Maths frame:


Mini Maths:

Maths shed:

Maths zone:

My mini maths:

Topmarks Maths:

Early Years Maths:!/search/_SRC:ABC%20Count%20Us%20In


Other Subjects:

BBC Bitesize/Science clips:

Collaborative Learning: - this a great website for collaborative activities for all subjects

Curriculum visions:

Primary homework help:

Quizlet: - Upper KS2 Science vocabulary games

Family Learning:

ICT Games:

Variety of curriculum resources:

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