The Curriculum at Treloweth School

We consider the curriculum at Treloweth School to be one which underpins our philosophy of “dream, believe and achieve.”

Over the academic year 2011-2012 the staff at Treloweth concentrated on redesigning and improving what was taught. Each subject was taken and analysed. How should the subject be taught and how it fits in with other subjects? At the end of the year- we produced a comprehensive and exciting new curriculum – tailor made for the pupils of our school.

In 2014 the Government made amendments to the National Curriculum. The staff at Treloweth took time to look at the new curriculum and how we could adapt our curriculum to meet the new requirements.

Appropriate changes were made and the new curriculum was introduced in the autumn term of 2014.

We consider the Curriculum taught at Treloweth to be inclusive, inspirational and one that motivates children. It is broad, balanced and, most importantly, adaptable in order to make the most of every individual learners needs.

Keith Lawrence – Curriculum Leader / Senior Teacher

Click here to download a copy of the New Curriculum 2014-2017