Welcome to Year 1


Mrs Lever, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Proctor, Mrs Hosken, Mrs Eddy

Miss Brockman (1B), Mrs Salamone (1S), Miss Reed (1R)

Wow! What an amazing start! All of the children have settled in to their new routines extremely well and have been working incredibly hard in all areas of our learning.

In Science, we have been learning about how our body works. We enjoyed finding out about our senses and how we use them. We tasted, smelt, touched and listened to lots of different things, which was lots of fun! We also learnt about animals: what they look like, where they live and what they eat. We also had a great time finding out about owls at Screech Owl Sanctuary!

In Maths, we have enjoyed challenging ourselves with numbers to 20. We have solved problems and are now really good at proving why an answer is correct. We have enjoyed using resources to help us learn, and look forward our new challenges in the spring term.

In English, we have been learning how to write sentences using nouns and adjectives. We thought about how to describe the things we experienced during the learning about our senses. We made our sentences more interesting by adding the conjunctions: and, so, but and because. We learnt about nocturnal animals, and wrote a report using facts that we researched. 

We are excited about rockets next term! Our focus story to start the New Year will be 'Whatever Next!' by Jill Murphy.  Our focus learning in Science will be Materials. Please save all of those interesting packages for us, and we look forward to sharing our learning with you on the website!


People Who Help US

Keeping children safe in school is the most important role we play. If you have any serious concerns about any child, please speak to Mrs Walpole or Mrs Stoddern.