Mrs Lever, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Proctor, Mrs Hosken, Mrs Eddy

Miss Brockman (1B), Mrs Salamone (1S), Miss Reed (1R)

Wow! What an amazing start! All of the children have settled in to their new routines extremely well and have been working incredibly hard in all areas of our learning.

In Science, we have been learning about different animals and how they compare with each other. We have created camouflage pictures and used instruments and movements to 'The March of the Animals' and 'Animal Boogie'. Soon, we will be visiting the Screech Owl Sanctuary!

In Maths, we have enjoyed challenging ourselves with numbers to 10. We have solved problems and are now really good at proving why an answer is correct. We have enjoyed using resources to help us learn, and look forward our new challenges in the spring term.

In English, we have been learning how to write sentences using nouns and adjectives. We thought about how to describe the things we experienced during the learning about our story 'Owl Babies'. We have also retold the story using puppets, masks and a story map. We used questions to find out more about the characters.  

We are excited about rockets next term! Our focus story to start the New Year will be 'Whatever Next!' by Jill Murphy.  Our focus learning in Science will be Materials. Please save all of those interesting packages for us, and we look forward to sharing our learning with you on the website!


What's happening in Year 1?

Screech Owl Sanctuary - Year 1 Visit

On Thursday 4th October, Year 1 visited Screech Owl Sanctuary as part of their topic on Owls. They heard lots of facts about owls: habitats, diet, likes and dislikes, and had a brilliant day!


Science Week

In Year 1, we have explored lots of different areas of Science. We have been on a bug and nature hunt using our magnifying glasses in the playground; we have made apple and seed bird feeders to feed the wild birds, and we have explored our senses. We tasted different foods, smelt various scents and tried to guess the different sounds we could hear.


Bonfire Poetry and Art

In Year 1, we have been learning about fireworks and Bonfire Night. We created firework pictures by colouring a piece of paper in crayon, painting it black and scratching off the paint. We also used a range of tools to create fireworks on a black piece of paper with brightly coloured paint. In English, we have written Bonfire Night poems using adjectives.


Treloweth Remembers

Year 1 have been learning about Remembrance and why we wear a poppy.  We learnt that the poppy became a symbol of remembrance after the first world war when it began to grow in the  battle fields.

We painted a pebble poppy and made a poppy keyring.  We also used a laptop to draw a poppy. 

This week we have practised many skills:  Art - using fine brushes and holding them correctly;  DT – using scissors and developing our cutting skills, and Computing – using the programme  2simple to practise controlling  a paintbrush.  We also watched a short film that helped us to understand more about Remembrance day. Click on the link below view:

Y1 Remembers.png

Seasonal Changes

In Geography, we’ve been learning about seasonal changes. We have drawn and finger painted pictures of trees to show the changes throughout the year. We’ve made an amazing display out of them!


Father Christmas Visited! 

In Year 1, we’ve been getting in the festive spirit! We’ve had a special visit from Father Christmas, who talked to us about what we would like for Christmas and he gave us some lovely gifts. We also have been decorating our class Christmas tree and the school Christmas tree with our Christmas wishes.


Player Ready Virtual Reality

Class 1R had an amazing space experience at the ‘Player Ready Virtual Reality Arcade’. They wore VR headsets that enabled them to jump virtually into a rocket and land on the moon! The children were able to ‘feel’ the rocket taking off and see planets orbiting the sun. This brilliant visit links perfectly to Year 1's topic of Space and their class reader, 'Whatever Next?' by Jill Murphy. 1R had a truly incredible experience and were praised on their brilliant behaviour.

IMG_3485 (002).JPG

Snow Day!

We all had a great time playing in the snow. It was very cold. We went outside to play in the snow, it was great fun! We tried to catch a snowflake to look at the pattern. We caught snowflakes on our tongues, it made our tongues tingle. We stood like statues and felt the snow land on our hands, it felt soft and light. We tried to make a snowball but there was not enough snow. We loved it on snow day!

Year 1 snow day.png

Whatever Next!

We have had a fantastic time in Year 1 learning about the story, 'Whatever Next!' In English, we have been retelling the story in the style of Pie Corbett and used this to support us in writing the story in our books. In Design and Technology we used our knowledge about materials from our Science lessons to design and create a rocket! We used lots of different materials and had to consider the best way to attach them to each other. Our finished rockets look amazing and you can see them hanging around the Year 1 classrooms.

Year 1.png


Mousehole cat 1.png

We took part in a whole school celebration of Cornwall for St Piran’s day.  We read ‘The Mousehole Cat’ and recreated a picture from the story for our display.

Mousehole cat2.png

We decorated jam jars to help light up our foyer to welcome all of our visitors.

Mousehole cat 3.pngMousehole cat 4.png

Mousehole cat 5.png

We also watched Mrs Richards make Cornish  pasties.  They tasted delicious!Mousehole cat 6.png

We had a week full of Cornish fun!

Mousehole cat 7.png


Tehidy woods!

This week, to support our Science and Geography learning, Year 1 had a fantastic time exploring Tehidy woods. We observed first-hand the changes that happen in the spring and compared them to when we visited in the autumn. The children were lucky enough to spot many different woodland creatures including swans, ducks and squirrels. Back in school, we thought of many different adjectives to describe these animals and created some wonderful poetry.



1R Apr a.JPG1R Apr b.JPG

1R Apr c.JPG

1R Apr d.JPG1R Apr e.JPG

In Year 1, we’ve been learning about Claude Monet in Art. We’ve been learning how to use watercolours and how to mix colours to get the shade we want for our picture. We used these skills to create our own Monet lily pond watercolour paintings. Our work will be displayed in the foyer this half term.”


This week in year 1 we are learning about how seeds and plants change.

We have planted pea seeds and over the next few weeks we will observe and record the changes. We are also going to observe the changes in our baby tomato plants.  Every week we are going to measure each plant to see how much they have grown.

Yr1 planting.pngYr1 planting 1.pngYr1 planting 2.png

This week, Class 1R were very lucky to be visited by Pol Hodge from Go Cornish! He read us a story about a hungry seagull and taught us some Cornish words. We had to act out being a seagull and had a conversation in Cornish! We had a great time and are excited to learn some more Cornish.

1R cornish.jpg1R Cornish 2.JPG

1R cornish 3.JPG1R cornish 4.JPG


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