Welcome to Year 1 (2021/2022)

Welcome to the Year 1 area!

Here, you will find plenty of information about Year 1, including our curriculum; details of trips and visits, assemblies and performances; write-ups following visitors to our classes; examples of children's learning and lots of photographs and other useful and interesting links!

We are really looking forward to the year ahead, and know your child is going to have experiences in Year 1!

Mrs Ishmael and Mr Lawrence (Year 1 Team)


People Who Help Us

Keeping children safe in school is the most important role we play. If you have any serious concerns about any child, please speak to Mrs Walpole or Mrs Stoddern.


In year 1 we use REKENREKS to help us calculate Mathematical problems. They really help us to learn - especially when doubling and halving numbers. We think they are fantastic. Thank you to our MATHS lead MRS ROGERS for providing us with them. We love learning in Year 1 .

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Year 1 had a wonderful time exploring real fish during Science this week. It was great for the children to get hands on and see up close the features of a fish.

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This term in RE , Year 1 are investigating the Jewish faith. Before we begin our lessons we are going to spend some time questioning and investigating Jewish books, symbols and artefacts. Oscar was so creative - he made a Star of David out of MOBILO! We love learning in Year 1.

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Year 1 enjoyed another great science experiment, this time investigating waterproof materials suitable for a Lego house. The children planned their investigation and discussed how to make it a 'fair test'. Then they assessed each material as a roof for their Lego house. They learned an awful lot during the investigation and we were delighted to hear the children using terms such as absorbent, waterproof and suitable. Keep up the super learning Year 1!

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Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about dinosaurs. They wrote stories, sang songs, created poems and even made dinosaurs out of paper plates. We love LEARNING in year 1.

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Year 1 have really enjoyed raising money for Red Nose Day. They were very excited to make some tasty treats to enjoy in the sunshine. Year 1 have raised £83, thank you so much for your wonderful support.

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In year 1 we are excited that Spring is on its way. Our courtyard is full of daffodils and crocuses and We planted some hyacinth bulbs and watched them burst into flower. We then had a go at painting them. They have made a lovely , colourful display.

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Year 1 have loved World Book Day this week. They created their own Mr Men and Little Miss books and enjoyed buddy reading with Year 5 children. Their dressing up costumes were incredible, many thanks to our fabulous parents for their support!

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Children in 1KL planted a giant AMARYLLIS bulb in October. We have watered, kept it warm and given it plenty of light. We did not think it would grow but over the past three weeks it has frown almost 50cms. It decided to flower this week. We are amazed at how tall it has grown. We must have green fingers!

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Year 1 have explore natural and man-made materials in science this week. We went on a nature walk around the school grounds to collect natural materials, then the children created their own art collages.

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Our new story is fabulous. It is called YETI & THE BIRD. We have had great fun investigating Abominable Snowmen and painting scary portraits. We have been encouraging tjhe yeti to be kinder and less noisy in order to make friends.

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Year 1 have loved taking part in a boat investigation this week. They designed, made and tested their boats throughout the week. They understand the importance of choosing the right materials for a particular job.

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We are thoroughly enjoying the story "LOST & FOUND" in Year 1. It's all about a lost penguin who is so sad, forlorn and glum. The children have created their own penguins and considered how to cheer them up.

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Year 1 have been learning about shape in Maths. We investigated making different pictures using TANGRAMS. We were amazed at the things we could make.

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Year 1 have learnt about seasons this term in Science and have showcased their creativity by making a calendar for 2022-2023.

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Year 1 have loved reading the Odd Egg by Emily Gravett this week and have written letters to cheer poor Duck up.

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Year 1 have been learning about the importance of caring for others in RE. We had great fun acting out the story of the Good Samaritan.

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Year 1 have been listening to the BLUES in our Music lessons. We have been practicing mooching to BB King, Billie Holliday and Cab Calloway.

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Year 1 have loved developing their gymnastic skills in PE. They performed a variety of rolls across the mat showing their control and coordination. Mr Shaughnessy decided that the whole of 1FI needed to be PE stars this week!

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Year 1 have had an amazing week learning about the events of the Gunpowder Plot. Children worked in groups to compose and perform sensory firework poems. They added actions and percussion to their performances. What a great show!

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We have really enjoyed the story of the Naughty bus in Year 1. We created our own naughty bus streets and wrote stories about other naughty toys and their adventures.

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Year 1 have been on a nature walk around the school grounds to find out what is the most/ least popular wild flower. The children used all of their knowledge to identify different plants and make a tally record of their findings.

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Year 1 are studying Plants in Science. We are growing an amaryllis and recording it's growth every week. We wonder how tall it will be at Christmas?

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Year 1 have been exploring place value in maths this week. They have mastered ordering numbers 1-10 and can say what is one more or one less than a given number.

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Year 1 have been busy creating . After learning about Cornish choughs and their habitats, we realised that we needed binoculars or telescopes to spot them . We had great fun bird watching!

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Year 1 have started a super Science topic about plants. To launch this work we collected, identified and made leaves into woodland creatures. We had great fun!

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