Welcome to Year 2 (2022/2023)

Welcome to the Year 2 area!

Here, you will find plenty of information about Year 2, including our curriculum; details of trips and visits, assemblies and performances; write-ups following visitors to our classes; examples of children's learning and lots of photographs and other useful and interesting links!

We are really looking forward to the year ahead, and know your child is going to have experiences in Year 2!

Mrs Salamone and Miss Reed (Year 2 Team).


People Who Help Us

Keeping children safe in school is the most important role we play. If you have any serious concerns about any child, please speak to Mrs Walpole or Mrs Stoddern.


This week in English we had a little help from a friend. A special friend from Year 6 took on the role of Goldilocks to help us answer questions. We also thought about looking at the story from a character’s point of view. A clever skill! We are now reading a different version of the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. It’s called You and Me by Anthony Browne. We are looking at the similarities and differences between the two stories.

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In Year 2 this week we have been investigating fruit and vegetables in DT. We looked at different types of fruit and vegetables. We sorted them into groups and discovered that some vegetables are really seeds or the fruit of the plant. For example if the seeds are on the inside then it is a fruit. Just like an apple or a cucumber. Yes a cucumber! We love to eat peas and they are the seeds of the plant. It was a fascinating lesson and we all learnt so many interesting facts.

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In Year 2, we’ve been reading the traditional tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We wrote wanted posters using descriptive language and adjectives to locate Goldilocks!

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This week in geography we have been learning about how to use symbols and a key to read a map. We used a map of our playground to identify the place or object using the symbols. We had great fun in our learning! We then created our own symbol to add to our maps.

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This week in year 2 we have been learning about finding the difference using pictograms. We created our own giant pictogram and used it to answer tricky questions. Super learning!

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In English, we've been reading the story 'The Bear Under The Stairs'. It's about a boy named William who is frightened of a bear living under his stairs. We wrote letters pretending to be William asking for advice on what to do.

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In Science, Year 2 have been learning about basic human needs. We’ve been making a booklet based on the story ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers to share our new Science knowledge!

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Year 2 have been learning about Pointillism in art. We talked about Georges Seurat who was a famous artist who used this technique. Pointillism is art created by using dots to form a picture or a pattern. We used different colours, patterns and tools to create our pointillism painting. We used cotton wool balls and cotton buds to create large and small dots. They are beautiful and colourful. What do you think?