Welcome to Year 2


Mrs Payne, Mr Taylor, Mrs White, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Hutchins

Mr Humberstone (2H), Mr McCarthy (2M)


We are very pleased to welcome Mr Humberstone and Mrs Payne to Treloweth School and the Year 2 team!

They have joined Mr McCarthy, Mrs White, Mrs Bennett and Mrs Taylor who have worked in Treloweth for several years.  We always aim to make the children's learning relevant, current and above all else, fun and interesting.  We aim to provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere to help the children reach their full potential, not only academically, but also personally and socially.

In the Autumn Term, the children will be learning about the geography of Cornwall and the wider world.  During this topic, Year 2 will be looking at local geography and famous Cornish landmarks.  The children will then use this knowledge to compare and contrast Cornwall to Mexico.  The children will produce a leaflet detailing what they have learned over the topic. Our exciting ‘Wow day’ will be a visit to Tehidy Woods where we are going to explore the woods and try to spot and identify local wildlife.  In addition to this, the children will be learning about materials and their uses during science topic work and Science Week.  We will find out how materials are made and how they are changed by different forces. Finally, to finish the Autumn Term, children will be learning about the Great Fire of London through our topic of ‘Fire! Fire!’  During this topic, the children learn about the key events: the lead up to, during and after the fire.

The Spring Term starts with an exciting trip to Feadon Farm where we learn about native wildlife and how they are suited to their habitat.  This was a highlight of the year last year and was enjoyed by all children who attended.  We use this information and other information from our research to write fact files and reports on animals and their habitats.  We will also be developing our art skills by creating a block and using it to print repeating patterns. In the past, children have used animals they have researched in science as an inspiration. 

The Summer Term is a busy and fun-packed term where the children build on their knowledge of plants from Year 1.  They plant and grow their own sunflower, investigate what conditions a seed can germinate in and discover what conditions are best to make a plant grow strong.  During the Summer Term, children will create a sculpture using clay and create a gallery for parents.  Finally, the term ends with a Design and Technology unit where the children design, make and race their own elastic-powered car.

We develop and build on the hands-on approach to maths the children started in Year 1. Children will further deepen their understanding of place value before moving on to reasoning and problem solving investigations. Year 2 will cover all four operations and deepen their mental strategies to solve number sentences before moving on to more formal recording.  In Year 2, there is greater emphasis on reasoning and children explaining their method/calculation. We achieve this through various problem solving and reasoning opportunities. 

In English, we carefully select exciting texts to base units of work on, and, where possible, supplement and support the topic themes.  This is done to fully engage and interest the children and to give writing a purpose,  including through published pieces of work.  The children will cover a wide range of genres during the year ranging from poetry of the local area, to animal fact files, to writing instructions on how to make bread.  In Year 2, reading is taught daily through ‘Whole Class Reading’ and ‘Phonic Sessions’. During ‘Whole Class Reading‘ lesson time, children will read a quality text as a whole class, in pairs, independently or with a teacher. During discussion, comprehension questions will be asked and answered and vocabulary and authorial intent will be discussed. When taking part in ‘Phonic Sessions’, children will continue to develop their understanding of phonics and blending/reading uncommon sounds.  This will be done through targeted RWInc for small groups of children and whole class teaching.


Key Stage 1 Tests

In the Spring Term (throughout May) we undertake the End of Key Stage 1 tests (better known as SATs).  These tests are sat by all primary-taught children in England. The children will be required to sit two reading papers, a mental maths test and a reasoning maths test.  In addition to this, the children will sit a spelling test and a spelling, grammar and punctuation test.  We aim to create a positive approach to the tests and set them as challenges for the children to complete.  We will hold an information session in the Spring Term to share how we will administer the tests and answer any questions parents and carers might have.

In Year 2, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with parents and carers, as we strongly believe this is an influential factor in making the children happy and ready for learning. We have an open-door policy and welcome parents and carers to contact us first with any concern or question they have about their child or their child’s learning. We don’t bite, so if you have a question, please come and see us as soon as possible! 

Please keep an eye on our website for more information over the coming months.

The Year 2 Team


This week in Year 2

Year 2 have had an incredibly busy week! Not only was it a super exciting Science Week, but also our KS1 Disco!

 As part of Science Week, Year 2 helped Jacqui and Howard from CORMAC to build some very impressive bug hotels! Our homework was to create the rooms before we worked wonderfully as a team to put our rooms together to form the completed hotel! We are incredibly proud of what we achieved and you can admire our hard work in East Pool Park.

Back in class, we learnt all about the RSPB and what they do to help and monitor the numbers of birds, mammals and insects found in the UK. We designed posters, built bird feeders, completed bug surveys and had a very exciting visit from Mark’s Ark and his wonderful collection of rare and exotic birds. We learnt lots of interesting facts and were privileged to get up close and interact with some magnificent bird species!


Spring term so far.....

Chance 2 Shine Cricket coaching:

Year 2 recently begun enjoying some fantastic cricket training from Craig, a wonderful cricket coach from the Chance 2 Shine Cricket initiative. In our first session, we loved learning more about the best way to catch a ball with two hands. We were taught to make a basket with our hands ensuring our little fingers on each hand are touching at all times whilst also making sure our eyes tracked the ball wherever it went! We are eager to learn more about cricket and look forward to applying our newly learnt skills in some actual cricket competitions!

Year 2 a.jpgYear 2 b.jpg

St Pirans Display

Year 2 started work on their display pieces for the upcoming St Piran's Day celebrations. Staff and children have been working hard to produce some tremendous art pieces which are quintessentially Cornish! Check out images of what we have done so far! Can you guess what they might become?!

Year 2 c.jpgYear 2 d.jpg

Year 2 e.jpg

Bournemouth Orchestra Visit

Year 2 have witnessed some truly magnificent musicians as they played a variety of songs on a collection of brass instruments. We learnt lots about brass instruments such as the tuba, trumpet, French horn and trombone. We were excited to support the musicians by acting as a metronome and keeping time for them. Thank you Mr Crane for organising such an inspiring event! 

Year 2 f.jpgYear 2 g.jpg

2H Matilda Trip 31/01/19

On Thursday 31st January , 2H went on an epic, unforgetabble trip! They travelled to the Theatre Royal in Plymouth and watched a stunning performance of Matilda the Musical. The performance was amazing from start to finish and the children were transfixed throughout. This awe and wonder continued as we left the theatre and realised that whilst we had been gleefully enjoying the wonderful acting and singing of so many magnificent entertainers, outside snow had been falling steadily for almost two hours! This made our journey home somewhat more difficult and a journey that should have taken an hour and 40 minutes, ended up being a lenghty 4 hours and 10 minutes instead! I would like like to publicly say a HUGE thank you to all the staff that supported us on our trip. Mrs Taylor, Mrs Hutchings, Mrs Stoddern, Mr Shaughnessy and Mr Callaway- you were fantastic throughout and we are so grateful! Also, I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to parents and carers of children in 2H. Thank you for being so understanding and so patient whilst we battled against the elements to get get your children back to you safely! Finally, I would like to thank the children in 2H. During the performance you were beautifully behaved and your wonderful manners were commented on by many membrs of the public. During our (sometimes scary, often long and boring) journey back - you were so mature, so sensible and so tolerant! I am incredibly proud of every single one of the children that attended. This is defintely a trip I will never, ever forget and I hope you feel the same! Thank you,

Mr H

Year 2 h.jpg


Year 2 Bake Sale

Year 2 had an extremely successful bake sale on Wednesday 30th January and we are pleased to announce that we raised a whopping £116 to put towards our camera bird box which is currently being hand-built by the wonderful people at HandyKam.com in Redruth. If you weren't able to attend our bake sale, you missed out on some delicious delights and tantalising treats! Children, parents/carers and staff in Year 2 worked tirelessly to make the most magnificent cakes and biscuits for others to enjoy- thank you so much to all of those that contributed to such a worthy cause. A huge thank you to Hattie (Year 6) and Riley (Year 1) for their delightful donations of cakes! Thank you also to the lovely Treloweth PTA who kindly offered to provide the remainder of the money needed for our Bird Box purchase! By the time you read this, the bird box should (hopefully) be set up waiting expectantly for its first inhabitants! It is my intention to make images and sounds we gather from the camera and microphone a permanent part of our school website - so keep checking so you can monitor the progress of any birds (and hopefully chicks) that pop in to check it out!

Mr H

Year 2 i.jpgYear 2 j.jpg


Safer Internet Day 2019

Thank you to Miss Pascoe for organising a very informative and fun- filled Safer Internet Day 2019. We enjoyed discussing all of the different applications we use and websites we visit regularly and learning about how this affects our digital footprint! We learnt the importance of THINKing  about what we post-

T- True

H- helpful

I- Inspiring

N- Necessary

K- Kind

Year 2 k.jpg

Year 2 l.jpg

We also revised the techno rules and now we feel we have a much better understanding that if it is not any of the above things we probably shouldn't send it!

People Who Help US

Keeping children safe in school is the most important role we play. If you have any serious concerns about any child, please speak to Mrs Walpole or Mrs Stoddern.