Welcome to Year 3


Miss Reburn (3R), Miss Wood (3W)

Mrs Butler (3R), Mrs Oates (3W)


We have a great team in Year 3, which consists of Miss Wood, Miss Reburn, Mrs Oates and Mrs Butler. We pride ourselves on our fun, safe, engaging learning environments, where the children are encouraged to ask questions and take risks with their learning.

In the Autumn term, the children will be learning about changes from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. They will have the opportunity to get dressed up, allowing them to immerse themselves in our topic and experience what life might have been like during this time period. The Spring term is all about the Ancient Egyptians. During the summer term we will be our focus will be on plants which is when our classrooms begin to look like jungles. Not forgetting our exciting overnight “Sleeping with Sharks” residential trip to Plymouth Aquarium. More information will be sent out nearer the time.

We have adapted a hands-on approach to maths, where children physically build calculations before moving on to more formal recording and then deepen their understanding further through various problem-solving and reasoning opportunities. Watch this space for more information regarding our parent-teacher maths workshops. In English, we carefully select exciting texts and themes to hook and excite the children and further develop their love for reading and writing.

We have an open-door policy and welcome parents and carers to get involved with their child’s learning throughout the year. Please keep an eye on our website for more information over the coming months.

The Year 3 Team



Ancient Egypt


This week in Year 3 the children have continued their learning about life in ancient Egypt! The children enjoyed learning about the different Egyptian Gods and particulatly enjoyed creating their own ancient Egyptian art by turning themselves into pharaohs. Well done Year 3! 

Here are a few examples of their amazing posters.



St Piran's Day

This week Year 3 have been getting ready for St. Piran's day by listening to traditional Cornish tales including the story of The Moushole Cat. Inspired by the story, we then created our own mixed-media Cornish stormy seas, using watercolours, coloured card and pencil.

Year 3.jpg

Science Investigations

“In Science this week we have been investigating the effect of different materials on the way an object slides down a ramp. The materials we investigated were plastic, mesh, greaseproof paper, cotton and corrugated card. To keep the test fair we kept the object (counter) and ramp the same but changed the material each time. We made predictions as to which material the object would move most and least easily on. We found out that the object moved most easily on the plastic material as it is smooth and least easily on the cotton material because it is textured.”


Yr3 1.JPGYear 3 2.JPGYear 3 3.JPGYear 3 4.JPG

Yr3r 1.JPGYr3r 2.JPGYr3r 3.JPG


Year 3 Dancing lessons

What an exciting week we’ve had this week in Year 3. On Monday we were lucky enough to have dance coaching from professional choreographer and dancer Grace Murdoch. She taught us how to synchronise and sequence moves to create our own performance pieces and how to support each other in balance and movement.

Yr3r dance.JPG

Yr 3w3.JPGYr3 w2.JPG

Egyptian Masks

We also designed and began construction on our ancient Egyptian masks, which will be an ongoing project for the rest of this term, so watch this space!



Yr3 wm4.JPG

Our Assembly 28/3/19

First of all Year 3 would like to say a massive thank you to all those parents who came to support us in our class assembly this week. We really enjoyed reflecting on and sharing all our wonderful learning this term with you. For many, the Egyptian masks were a favourite part of our ‘Life in Ancient Egypt’ unit and this week we put the final touches on our Egyptian masks. The last few layers of paper mache, base coats, block colours and final black and gold details all bring the final piece to life.

Year 3 masks 1.JPGYear 3 masks 2.JPGYear 3 masks 3.JPG

3W mask.JPG3W masks 3.JPG3W masks 1.JPG

3W masks 2.JPG3W masks 4.JPG3W masks 5.JPG


3w masks 7.JPG


Walk like an Eygptian

‘The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the ancient Egypt and on Friday came to school dressed as an ancient Egyptian. Some even came wrapped as mummies – great effort . The children enjoyed playing the ukulele in costume as well as creating silhouette art and their own golden, jewel encrusted collars.’

Eygpt 12.JPGEygpt 11.JPGEygpt 10.JPG

Eygpt 9.JPGEygpt 5.JPGEygpt 8.JPG

Eygpt 7.JPGEygpt 6.JPGEygpt 4.JPG

Eygpt 3.JPGEygpt 2.JPGYr3 Eygpt 1.JPG

People Who Help Us

Keeping children safe in school is the most important role we play. If you have any serious concerns about any child, please speak to Mrs Walpole or Mrs Stoddern.