Welcome to Year 3 (2021/2022)

Welcome to the Year 3 area!

Here, you will find plenty of information about Year 3, including our curriculum; details of trips and visits, assemblies and performances; write-ups following visitors to our classes; examples of children's learning and lots of photographs and other useful and interesting links!

We are really looking forward to the year ahead, and know your child is going to have experiences in Year 3!

Mrs Nunes and Mrs Hicks



People Who Help Us

Keeping children safe in school is the most important role we play. If you have any serious concerns about any child, please speak to Mrs Walpole or Mrs Stoddern.


In Maths, we have started learning about fractions. This week we learned about the whole and parts of the whole. The children enjoyed filling the gaps in the statements 'If _____ is the whole then ______ is part of the whole' for example 'If Europe is the whole then France is part of the whole. The children also enjoyed creating true / false statements.

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We love any opportunity to learn about how to be both physically and mentally healthy here at Treloweth. In design and technology this week, we learned about food packaging and nutritional labels. We looked at a variety of different foods and decided if they were healthy or unhealthy based on the fat, sugar and salt content per 100g.

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Year 3 were absolutely delighted to discover that Mrs. Stockman will now be teaching them Spanish every Tuesday morning. This week, they learned the days of the week after impressing Mrs. Stockman with their knowledge of colours and animals! Fantástico!

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This week we were lucky enough to enjoy an assembly delivered by John and Harry from the RNLI. Seth was chosen to help by modelling the safety equipment during the assembly. We have also been developing our drawing skills in Art. This week the focus was to show an awareness of 3D and perspective. We were delighted with the outcomes. Joshua enjoyed it so much that he created a similar drawing at home.

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In DT, we have been working extremely hard (adults included) on finishing our fabric pencil cases. We used a button for the fastening and decorated it with our initial. We can’t wait to bring them home and fill them with stationary!

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Mr Shaughnessy has selected year 3 to trial the new fitness trackers. The children will wear the trackers all day at school for one week. Each day, Mr Shaughnessy will scan the trackers and tell us how many steps we have done as well as how many active minutes. The two most active children on day 1 were Hazel from 3H and Lewis from 3N.

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In design and technology, we have begun sewing our fabric pencil cases together. We followed our design plans and decided whether to use blanket stitch or running stitch.

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 This week, 3N took part in a cricket engagement day delivered by the Chance To Shine Project. The children loved taking part in some cricket focused PE.




We’ve been studying reversible and irreversible changes in science this term in year 5. As an experiment, to find out whether adding salt to water is a reversible change, we set up a solution of salt and water and waited for the liquid to evaporate. We found that the salt remained and then studied it under a microscope.

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Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. We had many fantastic potato character entries and an array of wonderful costumes. Thank you so much to all the adults at home for your support.

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Year 3 have been learning about the Stone Age in history this half term. Last week, we made some fantastic timelines to help us understand the similarities and differences between the three main Stone Age periods; Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the evolution of Homo Sapiens and the journey of our ancient ancestors.

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This week in Science, year 3 were learning to observe and identify the contents of soil. We learned that soil is made up of tiny particles of rock, dead and decaying plants and animals, air and water. So that we could observe soil closely, we dug a sample and placed it in a clear container. We looked at it using magnifying glasses and described what we could see. We then added water and observed the changes before drawing and labelling a diagram of the layers.

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In year 3 this week Mrs Nunes and Mrs Hicks dusted of their PE shoes to deliver PE in Mr Shaughnessy’s absence.

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In art this week, year 3 were learning to see and sketch light and dark tones. We looked carefully at the shape of the banana and sketched the outline. We then critiqued each other’s and offered points for improvement before using different pencil techniques to shade the banana.

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In science this week, we tested rocks for three properties: porosity, density and durability. We then decided what each rock could be used for based on its properties.

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Year 3 had a wonderful morning with Daya last Friday. We learned lots of interesting things about the customs and culture of Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism. We enjoyed dressing up in traditional festival clothing and trying Bhangra dancing! Daya brought to life what will be a very interesting half term learning about different religions.

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In year 3, we have been investigating shadows. We learned what shadows are and which types of materials cast shadows. We also had fun changing the length of a shadow by shining a torch at our tin foil objects.

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Year 3 had their final ukulele lesson today and put on a brilliant performance! Year 3 parents and carers, keep an eye on dojo for a video of their final performance.

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The amazing authors of year 3 have published yet another book this week! They have innovated the story of The Heart in the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers. We have been so impressed with their creativity and skill. Well done year 3!

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In Science this week, we investigated the reflective properties of materials. We discovered that dull, dark surfaces absorb light and that smooth, shiny surfaces reflect light.

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Year 3 have been busy painting a sunset scene in art. They are creating a piece inspired by the artwork and story of The Mousehole Cat. They used horizontal brushstrokes and experimented with different size brushes.

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Year 3 have been busy collecting data in science this week. In small groups, the children used a light reading app on the iPads to record levels of light in different locations around the school. We used this data to make a bar graph and make observations about what we had discovered.

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This week in Year 3, we published our own versions of the story ‘Leon and the Place Between’. We then had the opportunity to perform our stories on stage to our friends.

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Year 3 have been coding in computing this week. They have started by writing instructions to make sea creatures swim in different directions around the screen. Next week, they will be thinking about how to generate buttons for their program.

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This week in Art, the children enjoyed mixing primary colours to make secondary colours