Welcome to Year 4 (2022/2023)

Welcome to the Year 4 area!

Here, you will find plenty of information about Year 4, including our curriculum; details of trips and visits, assemblies and performances; write-ups following visitors to our classes; examples of children's learning and lots of photographs and other useful and interesting links!

We are really looking forward to the year ahead, and know your child is going to have experiences in Year 4!

Mr Fletcher  and Mr Lawrence (Year 4 Team)


People Who Help Us

Keeping children safe in school is the most important role we play. If you have any serious concerns about any child, please speak to Mrs Walpole or Mrs Stoddern.


Year 4 have been reading all about Tom and his adventures with the Winter’s Child. They have enjoyed it so much they are now writing a sequel to the original story called the Spring’s Child.

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n Year 4, we have been learning about Howard Carter and his incredible discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb in Egypt, 100 years ago. The children have researched and written biographies about one of worlds most famous archaeologists.

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Year 4 had an exciting afternoon in Science as they made electrical circuits. This was the first time they had considered how to make a complete circuit and were all successful in getting the light bulb to work.

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In Year 4, we have started a new topic in Science on electricity. This week, the children have learned about different electrical appliances and considered how these have changed over time. Can you work out what this electrical appliance is from 1905?

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In Geography, 4L and 4F have been learning the different OS symbols found on maps. After learning the symbols, we used them to find these features on maps from various locations. Great map skills year 4!

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In Geography, Year 4 have been using maps to look at our local area. They were able to identify a number of different locations including our school.

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In Year 4, we have been learning about using inverted commas for dialogue in our English learning. Through our text 'Tar Beach' the children have taken part in role play, acting out scenes from the story, before writing their own dialogue for a similar scene.

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Children in Year 4 are learning about the digestive system in Science.

Mr Fletcher treated both our Y4 classes to a practical demonstration of the digestive process.

With the help of plastic bags, crackers, biscuits, bananas ,a pair of tights and two paper cups he showed children how food enters our body and how nutrients are absorbed.

It was both fascinating and gruesome!

However, it was certainly memorable and definitely helped our learning.