Welcome to Year 5 (2020/2021)

Welcome to the Year 5 area!

Here, you will find plenty of information about Year 5, including our curriculum; details of trips and visits, assemblies and performances; write-ups following visitors to our classes; examples of children's learning and lots of photographs and other useful and interesting links!

We are really looking forward to the year ahead, and know your child is going to have experiences in Year 5!

Mrs Nedeljkovic and Mr Scott (Year 5 Team)


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5S have been applying their STEM, teamwork and communication skills  to create spaghetti towers. They worked well in teams to design and build their structures and although we had a few topples, the groups never gave up! 

Yr5 1405.jpg

This week in year 5, we've been using our observation skills to learn about the different phases of the moon. 

Yr5 0705.jpeg


Year 5 got the amazing opportunity to have a live lesson with Goonhilly Earth Station and Spaceport Cornwall to learn about space careers in the county. The children were also taught about what is in our solar system and how to remember the order of the planets.

Yr5 2604.png


Year 5 have loved learning about The Titanic this term through reading the book 'Kasper: Prince of Cats'. This week, they have been writing newspaper reports about this tragic event.

Yr5 1012.png



In year 5 this half-term, we've been thinking about special places. School is a special place that we all share and this week we designed our own school with just one main brief - it must be a place where everyone can benefit.

Yr5 0412.JPG


Year 5 have been playing a variety of instruments this week to jazz music! The children were learning to play a piece of music using three notes which included an improvised section. 

Yr5 2611.jpg



This week in year 5 we put all of the skills and techniques that we have been learning and practising into one final piece of art. We painted a stretch of the North Cliffs and added in detail using different brush strokes, shading techniques and stippling.



5S have been using line graphs to represent the data from their plant growth experiment. Ayden took extra care to make sure his graph showed that the plants grew at different rates and that one had wilted. 

Year 5 1211.jpg




What a great start back to the half-term we've had in year 5. We have been practising and building upon the skills we learned last half-term in Art through studying works by Van Gogh. Here you can see some of the excellent examples of the stippling and hatching techniques we have covered.

Yr5 0611.jpeg





Year 5 have been learning about life cycles in Science. This week we looked at the reproduction and life cycles of plants and dissected a lily to examine all of the individual parts that contribute to this.

Yr5 Newsletter 21.10.jpeg





Year 5 have been learning about how plants can reproduce. The children have created an experiment to test whether our aloe vera, and 'mystery plant' can continue growing after it has been cut from the original plant. We hope that at least one of the plants will start to grow roots. If we are successful, we will have created a clone!

Yr5 1910.jpg


This week, year 5 have completed their newspaper reports about the French acrobat's stunning tightrope walk between the Twin Towers.

Year 5 0810.jpeg




This half-term, year 5 are comparing life cycles and this week we looked at the life cycle of a Hercules beetle! The children couldn't believe that the larvae of this variety of beetle could grow to such a size and were shocked at the changes it took as it went through its phases of metamorphosis.

Yr5 3009.JPG



5S have been inspired by their new class story 'Beetle Boy' and have drawn 3D beetles using a variety of shading methods. Jacob and Grace used their new skills meticulously to shade each section of their beetle's body to bring them to life! 

5S 1809.JPG



First weekback since Lockdown!

It's been a brilliant first week back for 5N. The children have settled in so well to their new surroundings and routines. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and, as symbols of hope and positivity, we made and decorated kites this week. Here they are ignoring the mist and drizzle, enjoying their hard work. Mr Scott has been so impressed with the children's positivity and determination this week! They have come back full of smiles and are keen to show their best work. In this week's art lesson, the class created portraits that combined their interests and repeated patterns that will be combined to make a display for the classroom.

5N 11-9.jpeg

5S 11-9.png