Welcome to Year 6 (2021/2022)

Welcome to the Year 6 area!

Here, you will find plenty of information about Year 6, including our curriculum; details of trips and visits, assemblies and performances; write-ups following visitors to our classes; examples of children's learning and lots of photographs and other useful and interesting links!

We are really looking forward to the year ahead, and know your child is going to have experiences in Year 6!

Miss Reed, Mrs Morgan and Mrs Wyatt (Year 6 Team)





People Who Help Us

Keeping children safe in school is the most important role we play. If you have any serious concerns about any child, please speak to Mrs Walpole or Mrs Stoddern.


In Year Six this week, we have been using our powers of persuasion to write letters to our government to request a reduction in sale of products containing palm oil. The children were extremely passionate about the topic, particularly when it came to saving the endangered orangutan. They wrote from the heart and were able to use persuasive techniques from Y6 and beyond.

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In Year 6, we have been using figurative language to write a poem about a storm at sea. Here is one of our many fantastic pieces of poetry ready for display!

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In English, we have been reading ‘The Highwayman’. We rehearsed the poem in groups and performed it to the class.

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In Year 6 this week, we've been thoroughly enjoying getting into the Christmas spirit and practicing our performance ready to share with family next week. We have been perfecting our singing voices, dancing away and dusting off our Christmas outfits, ready to dazzle!

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In DT, Year 6 have been researching, evaluating and deconstructing fabric products. We used this information to design our own fabric Christmas Advent calendar!

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In Year 6, we have been reading the book ‘Windrush Child’. This helped us to learn about racism and how it effected the character Leonard and his family. We then designed respectful monuments to commemorate the Windrush generation and their culture. We read our speeches out to the class to explain why our statue should be created.

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This week in Science, Year 6 have been exploring circuits and have been investigating the outcomes of adding more batteries and blubs to their circuits. They have thoroughly enjoyed exploring and creating different circuits using a range of resources. Great work, Year 6!


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In Y6 maths this week, we have been learning the order of operations, using BODMAS. We've also started our new topic on fractions, simplifying and ordering fractions on a number line. The children are working so hard to grasp these new concepts and are becoming so eager to improve and succeed in their maths.

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Year 6 have been having a great time making circuits in Science! We used the equipment to create working series circuits and then drew this in our books using scientific symbols.

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This week in Year 6, we’ve been classifying unusual and unfamiliar organisms in Science. We saw some very peculiar animals!

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In Art, Year 6 have be learning about perspective. We have been finding the vanishing point, lines of perspective and horizon line to create our own perspective landscape drawings.

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In computing, year six have been learning about how to safely use shared spaces whilst online. We've also had a lot of fun learning to input more complex variables in coding to manipulate useful outputs - many of us created shop tills to calculate the total of items and percentage decreases of sale items.

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In Geography, Year 6 have been putting their map skills to good use. They compared both OS maps and aerial maps to locate photographs of key places in our local area. We then used this to write about our local area using relative clauses in our English lessons.

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In Year Six, we have been learning about different types of micro-organisms and their uses. We now know that some microbes are helpful (like bacteria in cheese, yeast in bread or fungi in anti-biotics) and some are harmful (like mould on food, the chicken pox virus or fungus to cause atheletes foot). We are investigating which variables cause mould to grow faster?Method: We will place 4 pieces of bread in plastic bags. 1. One untouched piece of bread 2. One touched with unwashed hands 3. One touched with sanitised hands 4. One touched with hands washed with soap and water.

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We look forward to seeing the results against our predictions. 

In Art, this week we've been using watercolours. We practiced our mixing and blending skills - creating a colour wheel in our sketch books. We then chose iconic Cornish landmarks and sketched them. After that, we put our water colour skills to good use by carefully painting our Cornish landmark. Our beautiful designs will be displayed in the foyer.

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Yearly Overview

We have designed an interesting curriculum which we are sure the children are going to be excited about!

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