PE & Sports Premium

What is it?

The government is providing funding of £150 million per annum for the academic years 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 to provide new and substantial primary school sport funding. The funding is being jointly provided by the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and will see money going directly to primary school Head teachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all children. Each school the school received £8000 plus an extra £5 per pupil each year, however this year each school has received £16000 plus £10 for every child.  The money can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools.

The total funding for the academic year 2017/18 is: £20,000

Our PE & Sports Premium Statement can be viewed by clicking here.


Area of Focus & Outcomes


(Actions identified through self-review to improve the quality of provision)

Funding (Planned/ actual spend)


(Anticipated/actual effect on pupils including measures/evidence)

Future Actions & Sustainability

(How will the improvements be sustained and what will you do next)

Curriculum Delivery

engage young people in a high quality, broad and balanced curriculum

Review the curriculum offer across the school.

Map the provision by term and week to ensure coverage and progression. Introduce alternative sports –archery, golf, bowls, and grass track cycling…

Introduce PE & sport focus to assemblies to share with parents.

Develop the use of IPads to record & improve skills.








The curriculum is current, ‘Fit for Purpose’ and offers high quality provision for all year groups.

New provision increases the number of pupils participating in after school sport.

Parents/families have a greater understanding about the quality of PE & Sport and help to motivate pupils. The annual questionnaire will show a 10% positive increase.

ICT equipment further accelerates improvement effectively.

The PE curriculum will be reviewed annually.

A designated PE & Sports leader will oversee the curriculum review – any gaps filled. Equipment will be audited.

The profile of PE & sport will be strong and developed through: high quality teaching, celebration events, competition and a wide provision.

Physical Activity, Health & Wellbeing

all young people are aware of health related issues and are supported to make informed choices to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle

Continue to develop ‘Fitter Futures’ with all classes across the school.

Introduce alternative dance genres to the curriculum.

Collaborate with Cornwall Healthy Schools – undertake a Healthy Lives Day/Packed Lunches/activity.

Undertake a physical assessment for KS2 – beginning and end of year.

Discuss the link between physical, mental and social well-being across the school.

Review playground to provide a safe and exercise based environment for childrento enjoy and explore.

To provide new outdoor play equipment in the form of a fitness trail, including exercise machines. To encourage fun physical exercise in the playground.















Increase a further 10% of pupils participating in regular physical activity.

Increase a further 10% of pupils participating in regular PA before and after school.

Achieve the Healthy School award.

There is a 10%+ positive increase from the beginning to end of year for all pupils in KS2.

Pupils have a good understanding of the benefits of physical activity and positive mental health.

Increase participation in health and fitness based play during breaks.

Increased participation in physical activity across the school.

Audit the use of ‘Fitter Futures’ and other physical activities to enhance provision further.

Survey pupils to define future provision to further guide our Healthy Lives provision.

The physical assessment will be repeated annually.

The behaviour logs, performance outcomes and attendance data will help to guide future provision for pupil wellness.

Diverse & Inclusive

provide a fully inclusive offer that recognises the diverse needs of specific groups and identifies tailored opportunities for all young people

Introduce advanced coaching for our elite sportsmen/women.

Target the least active pupils – survey their interests to then run a club to further meet their needs.

Purchase resources to enhance our provision to meet the needs of our pupils.

Survey pupils to see which clubs they access out of school – affiliation to other clubs.








Celebrate and promote those who are G&T – pupils feel valued and are ambitious to excel further.

A further 10% of disengaged pupils are now engaged – improved attitudes towards PE, sport and PA – improved behaviour, attendance and academic outcomes.

There is a more inclusive after school provision.

The school responds to pupil voice and participation is increased.

A greater range of opportunities will continue to be developed for all pupil groups.

Greater links with external clubs will be made.


Provide a well organised, appropriate and enjoyable programme of competitions and festivals for students of all abilities

Provide sponsorship for those competing in sport at County level.

Develop in school competitions across the year group.

Further develop participation in Croftywide festivals and sporting opportunities. Set up Crofty sport festivals and events.






10% increase in number of pupils participating in county competitions.

Competition is celebrated across the school.

There is an increase in the number of pupils participating in competitive opportunities against other schools.

Continue to increase competitive opportunities both in school and against other schools.

Continue to develop the Crofty Cluster sports events. Introduce new sports into the calendar.

Leadership, Coaching & Volunteering

provide pathways to introduce and develop leadership skills

Develop the skills of support staff to lead clubs and curriculum provision.

Link with Crofty sport coordinators.

Introduce PE monitors. Sports leaders for each class in KS2.

Continue to work with our playground leaders to encourage participation in physical activity - access YST.


Staff are increasingly confident to support lessons and after school activities. There is increased provision and variety for pupils.

Pupils have improved self-esteem, confidence and readiness to learn.

Pupils have a sense of responsibility and make a positive contribution.

Increased access to equipment during break times – reduction in behavioural issues, increased PA and well-being. New activities introduced – increased enthusiasm and participation.

Continue to provide training opportunities for our sports playground leaders and PE monitors.

Community Collaboration

ensure opportunities for young people of all abilities to extend their school activity transitioning into sustained community based sport

Widen links with our local primary schools to engage in sporting competitions and opportunities.

Make stronger links with our local secondaries and local clubs to access facilities and coaching opportunities.

Sign post through the school website links to other sporting clubs and opportunities.

Have a dedicated sporting newsletter once a month – celebrating achievement and signposting clubs.









Increased pupil numbers participating in an increased range of wider opportunities.

Links are further developed with a range of local clubs.

The profile of PE and Sport is strong in the school community – achievement is celebrated and the curriculum offer is well known.

The school is ambitious in its aims for PE and sport and works towards increasing opportunities for our cluster schools and creating more sporting competitions.

Links with local clubs help to widen our variety and increase opportunity in a wider range of sports.

Continue to raise the profile of PE & sport.


increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE & sport

Provide high quality learning for adults supporting learning to run after school multi-sport clubs.

Also take over swim teaching throughoutthe school.

Learning for adults through a wide range of courses to improve delivery of sport in new areas.

Ambition: to provide high quality coaching for Crofty teachers to develop skills and expertise.

Provide opportunities for staff to develop skills in a range of new sports.

Complete training that will benefit the children and enable them to access new sports within school.






There are more confident and competent staff who continue to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

To provide high quality coaching and teaching to our children, as well as consistency and familiarity.

Children will feel comfortable and relaxed in an unfamiliar sporting environment. Which will aid confidence and allow them to thrive.

Continue to upskill staff to ensure the school offers high quality PE and sport beyond the life of the funding.